Heroes Of Order & Chaos

Heroes of Order và Chaos is a free-to-play, Multiplayer Online Battle Aremãng cầu game on sản phẩm điện thoại devices with high quality graphics, strategic and team-based gameplay, many Heroes to choose from, 5 vs 5 và 3 vs 3 modes, và lore based on the mobile MMORPG, Order và Chaos Online.

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Publisher: GameloftPlayerbase: HighType: Mobile MOBARelease Date: December 5, 2012Pros: +High unique graphics. +5vs5 and 3vs3 modes. +Many heroes lớn collect.Cons: -Clunky controls. -Occasional server issues.



Heroes of Order & Chaos Overview

Heroes of Order & Chaos is a 3D Smartphone MOBA game developed and published by Gameloft, the same makers of the popular MMORPG, Order và Chaos Online. Dive sầu into lớn the world of Order & Chaos Online và play as powerful Heroes to lớn restore peace or cause havoc khổng lồ the land. Team up with friends or strangers from around the world & battle it out in 5 vs 5 and 3 vs 3 modes. Unloông chồng and play as over 52 unique Heroes with different abilities và gameplay. Work together lớn push lanes as you engage with opponents in real-time combat. Experience high quality, colorful, & fantastic graphics và visual designs. Control your Hero with a joystiông xã or tap khổng lồ move for more precise control. Customize your Hero with special skins & win Heroes and skins from the Premium Lottery. Compete in ranked matches và climb the ladder for the ultimate glory. Join the fight for Order & Chaos today.

Heroes of Order và Chaos Features:

Colorful Fantasy Theme – Detailed environments, cartoony characters, & a fantasy setting brings the world of Order và Chaos Online alive in a MOBA battlefield.High Quality 3D Graphics – xperience the game with detailed, crisp, và beautiful visuals despite the game’s age.Strategic Team Play – Work together with your team lớn take down foes with strategy, skill, and teamwork.Over 52 Heroes – Collect và unloông xã over 52 different heroes with unique appearances, abilities, roles in battle, and gameplay.Full MOBA Experience – Get the full MOBA experience on thiết bị di động with 5 vs 5, 3 lane modes, and 3 vs 3, 1 lane modes, that closely resemble that of PC MOBA games.

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Heroes of Order và Chaos Review

By, Herman Y.

Heroes of Order & Chaos is a free-to-play, 3D Multiplayer Online Battle Aremãng cầu (MOBA) game developed & published by Gameloft, a well-known thiết bị di động game developer behind the popular games, Asphalt 8: Airborne, Modern Combat 5: Blackout, Gangstar Vegas, and of course, the MMORPG, Order & Chaos Online. Heroes of Order và Chaos features prominent characters from Order và Chaos Online and was the first MOBA game on sản phẩm điện thoại devices. It was released on December 5, 2012 and currently has over 10 million downloads as of năm ngoái. Having gone through numerous updates over the years, Heroes of Order và Chaos currently has more nội dung than any other sản phẩm điện thoại MOBA and has a huge playerbase và high variety in in-game heroes. The game still features relatively good graphics despite its old age, but with the release of new, more polished MOBA games, such as The Witcher Battle Arena & Vainglory, how does the first sản phẩm điện thoại MOBA game fare with its new competition?

Two Modes, Three MapsHeroes of Order & Chaos currently has two PVP.. modes and three maps. The first mode is a 3 vs 3, one-lane mode (which has its own map) và the other mode is a 5 vs 5, three-lane mode, which has two different maps. There are also Co-op vs AI, a single-player practice mode, custom game rooms, & a casual Fun mode, in which players play as random Heroes in unranked 3 vs 3. Upon reaching cấp độ 5, players can square off against other players & the game has a standard queue match-making system like most other MOBA games. Once connected, players can choose their Hero và begin the match. The goal in both the 3 vs 3 and 5 vs 5 modes is to destroy the other team’s Chip Core (Royal Castle for Order & Fel Crystal for Chaos), which is guarded by towers & minions (that constantly respawn). Players must work together with their team to take down the towers, as well as enemy heroes, và ultimately destroy the opposite bộ vi xử lý Core to lớn win the game. The gameplay is strategic and requires a lot of teamwork. Heroes of Order & Chaos is currently the only Smartphone MOBA game that features a 5 vs 5, 3 lane system. Their biggest competitor, Vainglory, only has 3 vs 3 on one lane, and The Witcher Battle Aremãng cầu has 3 vs 3, capture the base style gameplay. Upon reaching level 10 (& owning at least 9 Heroes), players can participate in ranked matches, much lượt thích in League of Legends.

The Battle BeginsAt the beginning of each match, players start off in their team’s base which contains the Core, a health regenerating area, và a siêu thị. The cửa hàng has a variety of items lớn buy including different types of boots, weapons, armor, và items that increase various stats such as physical attack, magical attaông chồng, attack tốc độ, mamãng cầu reren, and more. In the 3 vs 3, 1 lane mode, players work together in one lane to lớn take down their opponent’s towers, và team fights break out often. After going through all the towers, with a 2 tower split path at the kết thúc, players can win the game by destroying the other team’s bộ vi xử lý Core. In the 5 vs 5, 3 lane mode, players will generally split up in the 3 lanes and destroy towers one at a time, or they could focus on one lane the most. The objective remains the same, working together with your team to push lanes và khổng lồ destroy the bộ vi xử lý Core. The 3 vs 3 mode usually lasts 10-trăng tròn minutes và the 5 vs 5 mode generally lasts 20-40 minutes, và teams can vote lớn surrender at around 9 minutes. The gameplay is very similar to PC MOBA games lượt thích League of Legends and there are bushes lớn hide in và a jungle area with some AI monsters to kill for gold. There is also the “last hit” mechanism in which gold is given for getting the killing blow on a minion or enemy Hero.

The Unfortunately Clunky ControlsHeroes of Order và Chaos features both joystick và tap controls but these controls are quite clunky to lớn use and shows the game’s age. After playing Smartphone MOBAs such as The Witcher Battle Arena & Vainglory, both of which utilize precision tap controls similar to PC MOBAs, the controls in Heroes of Order và Chaos are much less beginner friendly và take time to get used khổng lồ. Unlike other MOBAs, in which tapping on enemies automatically attacks them, Heroes of Order & Chaos has an odd targeting system and players must target enemies & then press the attaông chồng button lớn start attacking. This adds an extra step in which players have lớn first target and then attack enemies. There is also a “switch target” button khổng lồ switch targets, which again, is less effective than MOBA games where one can simply tap to attaông xã a new target. It seems like Heroes of Order và Chaos was going for more of an action feel with the joystiông xã and attack button but due to lớn the MOBA nature of the game, the controls just over be being cumbersome. MOBA games require quiông xã reactions, and when switching targets are a hassle like in Heroes of Order & Chaos, the gameplay greatly suffers. The controls definitely take some getting used to & can be used effectively with some skill & practice, but is ultimately very beginner unfriendly.

Graphics Still Good in 2015Heroes of Order & Chaos has aged well for a game that came out in 2012. Keeping its Order & Chaos Online feel, which was a colorful & fantasy-themed MMORPG, Heroes of Order và Chaos is both vibrant và highly detailed. The environments look very sharp and are filled with details in every corner, which includes campfires, rocks, trees, bushes, ground textures, water effects, và more. The skills are flashy and the interface và UI look very sleek & modern. Every Hero looks quality and is well-designed. They have sầu voice-acted lines and multiple Skins that offer some appearance customization. The game also has interesting lighting effects that changes in various parts of the maps, which gives off a very dynamic và immersive sầu feeling. There are also three different maps that are all varied in appearance.

Lots of Heroes to Choose FromHeroes of Order và Chaos has many unique Heroes khổng lồ choose from. After three years of updates, Heroes of Order & Chaos currently has over 52 Heroes. These Heroes are divided inkhổng lồ 4 types: Fighter, Mage, Guardian, & Support. Fighters are a broad class that includes warriors, archers, & assassins all in one category, therefore their roles and attaông chồng styles can greatly differ. They all depover on physical attack & are generally focused on damage, although players can build their Heroes how they like via items. Generally, warriors are melee fighters with a balance in defense & damage, archers are rangers with high DPS và sustained damage, and assassins have sầu powerful burst damage but fight in melee range and have sầu low defense. Mages are powerful ranged spell casters with powerful spells và burst damage but also have weak defense. Guardians are melee tanks with high defense and a variety of abilities that can include damage, debuffing enemies, and buffing allies. Finally, Support is a class of healers và supporters that have better healing và buffing abilities than Guardians but have sầu lower defense. Despite the 4 class types, each Hero has different stats, abilities, & roles in battle. With so many Heroes to lớn choose from, the game offers great variety and replay value, as well as a lot of strategy in knowing what each Hero can bởi. There is a không lấy phí Hero rotation every week with 6 random Heroes for players lớn try out.

Cash Shop/In-App Purchases (IAP)The Cash Shop/IAPs are fairly standard in most MOBA games & while Heroes of Order & Chaos generally follows this formula, it also has a unique lottery system that adds a gambling aspect to the game. Players can purchase Heroes with either Emblems (in-game currency) or Gems (premium currency), but there are some Heroes that can only be won in the game’s lottery system or purchased with Essence obtained from the lottery system. The Normal Lottery gives out random items such as revive sầu tokens, tablets, and Hero fragments (which can be used to unlock Heroes) và the Premium Lottery can give sầu out exclusive sầu Heroes and Skins. It is completely randomized & the Normal Lottery costs Emblems to lớn spin while the Premium Lottery requires Gems, making it impossible for non-paying players to lớn obtain Skins and special Heroes (unless they can acquire enough Essence, which could potentially take months to lớn years). It is a bit odd why Gameloft made some Heroes only obtainable from a Lottery. Players get one không tính phí spin a day on the Normal Lottery, but not the Premium Lottery. The in-ứng dụng purchases seem a bit unfair at first, but most Heroes can be unlocked with Emblems (from playing games) và Skins are purely cosmetic (which can only be purchased with Gems), so other than the exclusive Heroes, the in-phầm mềm purchases aren’t too bad và the game isn’t pay-to-win since all the Heroes are supposedly balanced.

Final Verdict – GoodHeroes of Order & Chaos was the first MOBA game on sản phẩm điện thoại devices & manages to lớn remain very successful và popular even today. While the game is still fun and generally well-made, with the release of newer MOBAs, such as Vainglory, which offer superior controls & more beginner-friendly gameplay, Heroes of Order & Chaos may not the best choice for new players in 2015.