Best Mouse And Keyboard Recorder On Windows & Mac

You bởi vì the mouse movement, keys struchồng once, and then all you have sầu to lớn vì is to press the hotkey và watch the program vày the job automatically again. It"s simple as that. Learn more about Advanced Key and Mouse Recorder

Break Away From Monotonous, Repetitive Work

Routine business processes like checking inventory, updating customer records, or generating reports are tedious but important. You have sầu khổng lồ type the same text carefully, và press the same buttons again and again. With Advanced Key & mouse recorder, you can turn these steps into a macro and have it lớn vày the job for you. This will save lots of time while eliminating errors.

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Input your gmail, name và other frequently used phrase by pressing one key

With Advanced Key & Mouse Recorder, you never have lớn enter the same information again & again, just put the phrase, email or another paragraph you frequently used lớn a macro, và assign a hot-key for it. When you press the hot-key, the texts will be put inlớn the activate window instantly.

Application launcher

You can launch several applications in a macro, which provides an alternative sầu method of launching applications. With Advanced Key và mouse recorder, it is more convenient lớn do the tasks than Start thực đơn of Windows.

Automatically shut down your computer

Advanced Key and Mouse Recorder supports some instructions such as shutting down computer, you may utilize the instruction "Shut down" & scheduler for shutting down your computer at a specific time.

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What"s New

Added built-in function "REGEXP_FIND" to tìm kiếm for a regular expression match on a string.Added built-in function "REGEXP_INDEXOF" lớn return the zero-based index of the first occurrence of the specified pattern in a string.Added built-in function "REGEXP_REPLACE" lớn uses a regular expression lớn perform substitution on a string.

Macro Packager

A tool for converting macro scripts inkhổng lồ the standard alone EXEs for distribution purpose..

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