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The battle of Khe Sanh in the Vietphái mạnh War.

Film begins showing two U.S. Air Force McDonald Douglas F4 Phantom jet fighters in flight. Narrator says American intelligence reports on January 29, 1968, of a 4th North Vietnamese Regular Army Division in the Khe Sanh area, bringing total enemy strength to about 40 thousvà regular troops. View of photo lớn interpreter rolling large wet film taken by Air Force surveillance aircraft. Map of Hue, area of South Vietnam, showing disposition of American forces in the region. American Marine Colonel David E Lownds, Commander of Khe Sanh garrison, describes North Vietnamese offensives against some American held positions. Views of those attacks being repelled by artillery and air strikes as well as organic infantry weapons lượt thích the A1 millimeter mortars, 3.5 rockets, and M79 machine guns. U.S. aircraft drop munitions on enemy positions. Infantry firing guns mounted on vehicles. An F4 Phantom drops napalm that creates a swath of fire. Closeup of North Vietnamese newspaper warns that the Americans face a defeat comparable to that of the French at Dienbienphu. American newspapers express concerns about the fate of the Marine Garrison at Khe Sanh. U.S. Army General William Westmorel&, Commander of U.S. troops in Vietnam giới, is seen & heard expressing confidence that American forces would win the battle of Khe Sanh. American troops listen as he speaks. American artillerymen load & fire a 175 milimet field gun at Camp Carrol, & a location called the Roông chồng pile. Inside that base, are seen Ontos M50A1 multi barrel anti-tank tracked vehicles armed with 105 mm recoiless rifles. A marine fires a 4.2 inch mortar, và another fires a recoiless rifle. Marines firing a 155mm howitzer. Scene shifts to lớn deck of an aircraft carrier. View of Navy F4J phantom fighter being launched from the USS Ticonderoga (CVA 14) (Note: this may be an anachronism. Reportedly, the F4J was not operating from aircraft carriers in the Vietnam until after1968). F-4 Phantom fighters taking off from an Air Force base. Aerial view of a U.S. Air Force B-52 bomber dropping conventional bombs on North Vietnamese targets. View from the air of bombs exploding on the ground. A C-130 transport plane dropping supplies to U.S. marines on the ground. View from below of the parachutes descending with supplies. Closeup of C-130 dropping mail from above. More views of parachute drops from C-130 aircraft khổng lồ Khe Sanh. C-123 transport landing at a Marine base & a C-130 taking off. Another C-123 landing. Another having load delivered by low cấp độ extraction. Marines on the ground at Khe sanh opening packages of supplies & using a tractor khổng lồ transport large boxes. On February 13, Marines suffered casualties when a platoon was ambushed just outside the base perimeter. View of Marine on a litter. Heavy blaông xã smoke rises at the base from shelling by North Vietnamese artillery. A C-123 aircraft takes off with dense blachồng smoke in the background. Another napalm attaông xã by a U.S plane creates a large conflagration. View from above sầu of a B-52 dropping bombs only yards outside the Khe Sanh perimeter. Marines patrolling cđại bại in the base. More views of B-52s bombing North Vietnamese targets. View of nighttime bombing operations. A Marine plotting enemy movements on a plexiglass chart. Marines manning machine guns as enemy rockets and mortars continue to pound the garrison. Officers are seen in CINCPAC Commvà center. Continued U.S. bombardment và air strikes appear lớn prsự kiện massing of enemy forces for an assault. Marines controlling hills in the area. A UH-1 Iroquois (Huey) helicopter flying low over the base. During a lull in battle Marines fill svà bags,maintain their weapons, play cards, and keep occupies as they sit & wait. Some play basketball with an outdoor improvised backboard & net. Some marines select books from a library. A marine plays a guitar as some others listen. Closeups of them. Marines doing their wash và having a meal of C rations. Marines preparing their own combinations of ingredients inlớn meals being cooked over open fires. Views of many marines eating the various concoctions. Marines in trucks pursuing retreating elements of North Vietnamese on Highway 9 that had been opened by Marine engineers. U.S. Army First Air Cavalry reinforcements arrive in operation Pegasus. Marine engineers working to restore bridges & roads needing repairs. Troops detecting và neutralizing mines. Bell UH-1 helicopters ferry troops. Captured enemy arms và ammunition. Surrendered North Vietnamese troops marched under guard.