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When I am a child, I have sầu a beautiful dream that I will become a doctor in the future. In fact, I can not implement this dream but I have never regret about this. Therefore, I am writing an essay with the subject “ My dream is becoming a doctor” to lớn express my thinking about the profession of doctors.

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The human life on the earth is full of pleasures & sorrows, ups và downs, strength and weakness và health & illness day và night these happenings are inherent in everyone’s life cycle. But it is silver lining that there are noble people who work all their lives lớn mitigate the sufferings of the others. Among muốn them, the profession of doctors is perhaps most respected for service to lớn the society.

A doctor dedicates his life to the service of the patients. He or she relieves the sufferings and pain of mankind. He cures them from disease & illness. He strives lớn make the life of others better & healthier.

The doctor works khổng lồ prsự kiện spread of the epidemics. Every now & then dangerous diseases grab the humanity. It is the doctor who finds the cure. Sometimes it may take years of painstaking work and research to lớn find the cure, but ultimately the success is achieved.

As a result we find that the fields of medicine & surgery have advanced beyond imagination. A damaged organ can be transplanted, in today’s medically advanced world.

A doctor’s life is hard. Often, he has khổng lồ visit the patient at off hours foregoing his rest, sleep & even food. Sometimes the doctor has lớn work throughout the day và night attending lớn serious patients or victims of war, epidemic or major accident. He has khổng lồ always treat his patients with a smile & cheer. He motivates & encourages sick person. He is a source of hope và strength. Even in digăng tay his duty is first towards his patient. Always remembering the famous Hippocra oath, he pledges his life in alleviating the sufferings of the patients.

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India has a long tradition of service to the mankind. It is ingrained in its culture và all the religions.

As a result, Indian doctors are well known for their charitable attitude, dedication, hard work & personal touch. They are in great demand all over the world. Many Indian doctors are working in famous hospitals abroad.

India is a country having one of the largest reservoir of doctors. It has about 300 medical colleges, which produce about 30,000 doctors every year. They work all over the country in the cities và villages, in large hospitals or their own clinics. In recent years there has been a great leap forward in the modernisation of our hospitals with latest equipments. This has facilitated the doctors lớn undertake complicated operations & treat crially ill patients with success.

Besides allopathic systems of medicines, there are doctors who prace Ayurvedic, Unani và Homeopathic system of medicine. Innovative praces of treatment, the Chinese acupuncture và acupressure, yoga, Nature cure etc. have also gained popularity in the country.

The doctors pracing traditional systems are locally available & often called ‘barefoot doctors’. There is a revived interest in these systems of treatment and many allopathic doctors combine their treatment with traditional methods yoga, nature cure and Ayurveda. The whole purpose is lớn serve the mankind và remove the pain và sufferings of patients. In this respect, the society is indebted to the profession of doctors.